Do You Believe in the Farmers Almanac?

The Farmers Almanac just issued their winter outlook and while some may scoff at what The Almanac says, this year, I don’t find myself disagreeing with it all that much. Here is what it’s saying:

A ‘kinder, gentler winter on tap”. It seems rather easy to understand from a meteorologist’s point of view. The main reason..2 words “LA NINA”. As La Nina shows signs of returning, thei mpacts it has on The United States are huge. For some, the news is welcome, for others, it’s rather upsetting. I’ll let you pick what you like about this graphic:

La Nina is typically most pronounced during the winter months, and thus, the outlook is that we’re likely to see a warm and dry weather pattern. Some may enjoy the warmth, however, this pattern usually comes with the increased threat for a high fire danger during the driest time of the entire year. So, why do I believe the Farmer’s Almanac this year? With La Nina in place, we’re bound to see less snowstorms and cold this winter compared to last, that is, if past history is any indicator of future performance. But, am I to say that we won’t get any snow this winter? I wouldn’t say that. We’ll still see our chance of snow and ice, but the likelihood will be some what less.



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