Football is Back!

It seems like it took forever but football season is finally here and it looks like the weather will cooperate quite nicely for us. We’ll thankfully deal with rain, perhaps heavy rain, between now and late Thursday evening, helping to alleviate the drought in parts of the state.  By the time the football games Friday and Saturday kickoff, we’ll see wonderful weather. If you are going to a Thursday night high school game, you better plan on getting wet.

The temperature and humidity will take a nose-dive starting on Friday. I dare say a taste of fall will be felt in the morning hours through the weekend. Lows on Saturday will dip into the upper 50s area wide. These leads into some great forecasts for the OU and OSU football games. Both are late kickoff times, so tailgating weather will be fabulous with just a touch of a cooling breeze by the end of the games.



2 Responses

  1. So how many inches of rain did August get with the rain on the last day?

    • Will Rogers Airport had 0.48″ for August, exactly 2″ below normal for the month. 0.41″ of that came on the 31st.
      The temperature was also very high for the month. We were 3.9 degrees warmer than average. To put that in perspective, anything above one degree is considered substantial.


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