Flooding Rainfall Possible In Oklahoma This Week

Happy Labor Day!  I hope your weekend has been a pleasant one.  The weather has been quiet, but it’s about to turn busy.  Tropical Storm Hermine has developed in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to move north into Texas tonight and tomorrow.  The storm will weaken below a tropical storm as it moves across Texas, but it will still have plentiful moisture.  The remains of Hermine will then move north into Oklahoma beginning late Tuesday night through Wednesday.  Here is the expected path:

Rainfall could be over 4 inches in parts of central and southwest Oklahoma by Wednesday night so flooding could be an issue.  Here is my rainfall prediction map:

Some rain would help the developing drought conditions, but too much in a short period could cause problems.  If you live in an area of poor drainage, take precautions as the storm approaches.  We’ll keep a very close eye on this situation.


3 Responses

  1. This is gonna be so fun!

  2. New computer models indicate more flooding and severe weather farther to the east (closer to the tulsa area as the storm track makes a turn to the NNE)

  3. I am not so sure about that Levi, maybe when it turns to the NorthEast but I would not hold your breath.

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