The Cost to Keep You Warm This Fall…

Have you had to turn on your heater yet? Probably not. And to be honest, it may be a while before you have to. WSI, a forecasting company that we use here at KOCO, has launched their fall outlook. Here is how it looks.

It’s no surprise to see that we’re likely going to be dealing with ABOVE NORMAL TEMPERATURES in The Southern Plains and BELOW NORMAL TEMPERATURES in The Northern States. This is typical of a La Nina season. But, how will this impact the cost of keeping us warm? Turns out, it will play a huge role this fall/early winter. The next 3 months will likely see natural gas prices remain low as the demand remains low. It won’t be until closer to Christmas that we see a surge in natural gas usage in The Northern States that will lead to an increase in natural gas demand.

So, enjoy the cheap use of natural gas for now. Even though we’ll be warm this winter, you’ll start to see an increase in cost per cubic foot, even though our demand here in Oklahoma will be lower than normal.



One Response

  1. Does this mean my RV will be warmer than 28 inside this Winter? I sure hope so…if it gets as cold in her as it did last Winter…..I’m going to abandon my RV for a warmer place to life!!

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