Aspens are Blazin!


The days are shorter, the nights are cooler…and in Colorado this past weekend, the trees were blazin with orange and yellows. The fall foliage in The Rockies are about to peak,and in some places, peaking right this moment with incredible colors. Aspen and Birch are the primary trees that change colors in Colorado. The following picture was taken outside of Steamboat Springs, near The Rabbit Ears Pass. (The rock formation on the top of screen, to the right, is said to resemble rabbit ears.)

Colorado isn’t the only state that is seeing fall colors. Many locations from The Pacific Northwest, to The Black Hills and The Grand Tetons are seeing the peak of the fall color arrive this week (Though these areas have mostly pine trees, which don’t change) . Oh, and there may be a tree or two in Kansas that is seeing the fall colors arrive.

As for Oklahoma, we’re still a few weeks away from seeing the colors change. As of right now, I would anticipate mid-October to early November as being the peak of our color season.



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