Hello Fall!

If you woke up this morning and didn’t hear the sound of your A/C running, then this may be why!

Talk about some chilly temperatures! Will Rogers Airport cooled down to an unofficial low of 50 degrees. Our record today is 38 degrees. The last time KOKC cooled to 50 degrees was on May 11th of this year. About 4 months and 2 weeks ago. By the way, that was the morning after we had our major severe weather outbreak here in Oklahoma City. Fortunately, this cold front moved in with only a few strong storms in NW Oklahoma. An interesting note, Kenton,Oklahoma, in the far western portion of The Oklahoma Panhandle had one of the warmest morning lows today, of 50 degrees.


PS- Oh, and on May 11th, my Minnesota Twins were 21-11 and in 1st place in the AL Central…


One Response

  1. Wahoo, Go Twins!! I lived in the Twin Cities back in the early 90’s and was there for the 1991 World Series.

    Fun that we had some “Minnesota” like weather here in Oklahoma last Christmas.

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