Welcome Aboard.. .. GOES-15

What you see and what I see may be totally different here. For most people, they look at the above image as a visible imagery snap shot of the globe. What I see, besides visible clouds is an image that is providing so much detail, that I could probably look at this image for a good hour and find a number of weather systems in good detail. After going through a series of tests for months, GOES-15 is now officially done with the testing and is ready to go to work.

As a matter of fact, during the May 10th tornado outbreak here in Oklahoma earlier this year, GOES-15 was put to work to examine the storms developing over Oklahoma. The middle animation above is GOES-15 during the test phase, compared to the image on the left which is GOES-11. Notice the fine detail from the middle image compared to the image on the left.  GOES-13, which is the image on the right was able to document the inflow of feeder clouds into the system giving us better understanding of the evolution of the storms. GOES-13 was launched back in 2006 and just became the primary satellite for GOES-EAST. The higher resolution of these clouds and more frequent imaging will help give advanced warning in the near future.

GOES-15  will be sent to storage until we exhaust the life of one of these satellites. It will however be used in special circumstances. GOES-14, which is also sitting in storage right now in space will also be ready to be called upon should a satellite malfunction. So, there’s no need to worry about us not having satellite images anytime soon…we’re set!



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