The Pattern Picks Up The Pace

After a few weeks of fairly quiet weather, it looks like the pattern is about to get busier for the latter half of the month.  The first weather feature to affect us is a cold front moving through the state.  This will bring with it a few showers and thunderstorms tonight into Tuesday morning.  Tuesday will also be cooler with highs in the 60s and 70s.  In some cases, Tuesday will be more than 15 degrees cooler than Monday was.

By Wednesday the cold front will be out of the state and sunshine will return.  This in turn will send highs back into the upper 70s across much of Oklahoma.  But the dry weather will not last long.  A well developed storm system over the Southwest will move east into the southern Plains as early as Thursday.  Rain and thunderstorms will be possible on Thursday in western Oklahoma, and across the rest of the state late Thursday and Friday.  The rain chances could linger into Saturday morning before the system moves off to the northeast.

Just as the first storm system moves away, a second system will develop in the Southwest and track into the southern Plains.  The path of this storm looks to be farther south, so rain chances won’t be as high Sunday and Monday as they are for the first storm.

Both of the storm systems will give Oklahoma a fair chance at seeing some much needed rainfall.  So far in October, Oklahoma City has only received a paltry .05″ of rain, which is 2.25″ below normal for the month.  Hopefully we’ll be adding to that total later in the week.



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  1. Looking at the seven day, I notice that our highs will be in the upper 70’s, and the lows are only in the upper 50’s or so. With these fronts moving through, why is it still so warm? Shouldn’t the front’s be bringing in cooler air from the north, or are the strong south winds predicted overriding the north winds?

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