Get Ready for a Wild Winter…

As if last winter wasn’t wild enough across The United States. This year looks like we’ll see some fun of a different kind here as La Nina continues to get stronger and stronger. So, what does this mean? Here’s the latest…

La Nina, which is the cooling of The Pacific Ocean waters will play a huge role in the nation’s weather this winter. First, with temperatures where we are likely to see a very good chance of seeing warmer than normal temperatures from The Southern Plains to the southeast and southwest. The percentage shown on the map does not mean how much warmer than normal the temperatures will be, but rather the percentage of experincing warmer than normal temperatures. So, here in Oklahoma, we have a 40%-50% chance of seeing warmer than normal temperatures this winter. As for precipitation, this one may be a confuser…

This map, doesn’t surprise me one bit. La Nina usually leads to a very dry winter across The Southern Tier of The United States with many locations watching a drought go from bad to worse. Then, having to spend a good part of the following year trying to dig out of the drought. For most of Oklahoma, we’re right on the edge of having equal chances for either a drier or wetter than normal winter. And remember, this is an outlook, this does not mean that we still can’t see our surge of cold fronts and wintry weather from time to time.



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