A Freeze That Was On Time

The thermometer at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City measured 32 degrees at 6:50 this morning.  This was the fist official freeze of the season in Oklahoma City and it comes right on time with respect to the average first freeze.  The average first freeze is November 4th, so mother nature was only a day late.  Here are low temperatures across the state this morning courtesy of our friends at the Oklahoma Mesonet:

Even though 32 was the official low in OKC, you can see Spencer in eastern Oklahoma county dropped to 27.

Some years the first freeze may not occur until late November, and other years it can come in October.  Being right on time for the first freeze gives no evidence of how the rest of the winter will work out.  But just for the sake of assuming, let’s say the winter will be exactly normal.  That would mean OKC will get about 8″ of snow spread out over the season.  An average season will also see one or two storms with mixed precipitation including freezing rain.

My thinking about the upcoming winter has not changed.  La Nina will be in firm control and that means a slightly milder winter with near to below average precipitation.  I still believe we’ll get a couple of storm systems that will cause havoc, and yes kids, probably cancel school.  The big question is when.



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