November Heavy Snow

All I had to do was say the word “snow” once this morning, and now it seems to be all I can think about. Since the beginning of the month, the GFS model has been hinting that there could be some snow in Oklahoma around the middle of the month. We’re on approach towards the middle of the month now and it seems that the models STILL want to hint at a little bit of snow. So, what is the likelihood that this “little” bit of snow could turn into A LOT of snow? Well, let’s look at climatology here to get an understanding.

While just about anywhere in Oklahoma is prone to seeing a snow event in the month of November, it seems that the storms that drop over 4 inches of snow during this month are mainly confined to The Panhandle and extreme Northern Oklahoma. And keep in mind, the likelihood of seeing heavy snow is still rather low. Since 1950, The Panhandle has only seen 10 snow events that have dumped more than 4 inches. Thus, an average of 1 every 6 years. Northern Oklahoma is likely to only average about one every 10 years during November.

Oklahoma’s biggest snow storms usually don’t roll in until late December, all of January and part of February. However, The Panhandle doesn’t experience their biggest snow storms until March. Did you get all that?




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  1. OKC’s largest monthly snowfall came in March (1911 – over 20 in.) as well as one of our largest daily snowfalls (1924 – almost a foot!) according to noaa’s local climatology page… There is a very cool study titled Heavy Snow in Oklahoma.. which can be found at:

    • Thanks Wyatt. Yes, November can be a crazy month for snow. Looks like that page may need to be updated since last Christmas Eves Blizzard set a new record for OKC as the “largest daily snowfall” record. Either or, thanks for sharing!

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