Check Your Tire Pressure!

Has this light come on in your car yet? Have you checked your tire pressure lately? If not, then chances are you are getting horrible gas mileage. And, it’s all because of the cold mornings. When the temperature starts to drop into the 30s and 20s, your vehicles tire begin to contract and thus, you lose tire pressure. Did you know that for every 10 degrees the temperature changes, your tires will change about 1 pound per square inch. So, let’s do the math here. In Oklahoma, our average temperature in July is in the mid 90s and next month, our average low temperatures will get into the 20s. A 70 degree temperature change! Or, a drop of 7 pounds per square inch in your tires!

So, what do you do if you park your car in the garage ? Chances are your tires may look just fine when parked in the garage, but once they go outside into the elements, the tire pressure immediately starts to change. Which is why during the winter months, it may be best to overinflate your tires by just 1 psi.



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