October State of the Climate

October 2010 has officially come and gone. So, how will it be remembered in the weather record books? For Oklahoma, warm and dry. Actually, most of America was warm and dry. Here is the final data from NOAA on October.

If you weren’t seeing normal temperature, then you were seeing above normal temperatures. Last month will go down as the 11th warmest October on record in The United States. The Cowboy State (Wyoming) had it’s 4th warmest October on record. The northeast is currently on track to experience their warmest year on record. While Texas and Florida, year-to-date are still seeing temperatures below normal, thanks largely to the cold start to the year.  Oklahoma City saw an average temperature of 63.2 degrees, which was 1.2 degrees above normal.

Precipitation for the states was all over the place with some places very wet, while others were very dry. Florida experienced it’s driest October on record where most of the state was about 3.4 inches below normal. Storms moving in on the west coast left Nevada with it’s wettest October on record while The Central Plains had a tough time getting a drop of rain. Oklahoma had it’s 27th driest October, while Texas saw it’s 8th driest October on record. Oklahoma City ran a deficit in the rain gauge of about 2.65 inches.



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