What Happened to Our Mini Severe Season?

We all know that the spring time is notorious for tornadoes here in Oklahoma. But so is the fall. We actually enter into a “mini” severe weather season during late September, October and early November. But, it appears other than a few storms here and there. This 2nd severe season went fairly quiet. Almost too quiet… especially when it comes to tornadoes.

Our “mini” severe weather season went tornadoless with our last tornado actually being reported 68 days ago, when the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine moved across Oklahoma. Those tornadoes were actually reported just north of The Red River. And while this streak of 68 days may sound like a lot. It is nothing compared to the tornadoless streak that we had in 2003 and 2004 when we went from Mid May to Early March without a single twister in Oklahoma.

So, why has this fall been so quiet here in Oklahoma? Texas had a few good outbreaks. Kansas had a couple. Other than a few storms systems swinging through here, it always appears that the dynamics, the moisture and the shear was most in either Kansas and Texas. It was no different than watching storms move through during the spring and clipping or missing us. But, who’s complaining right?



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