Arctic Cold Oklahoma Bound?

Are you ready for some cold? It’s November, so I guess we all should be. But, some cold air (for November standards ) is getting bottled up in extreme Northern Canada. And, it needs somewhere to go…soon.

Now, if this were late December or January, we probably would not be paying as much attention to this airmass. But, some of the longer range models are showing that this air, which is currently bringing highs well below zero in the NW Territory of Canada, could start to move in this way soon and by early to mid next week, could be crossing the state line into Oklahoma. So, what are we talking about here? Well, first, our airmass will not be as cool. The days are longer here than up north and we have no ice/snow pack. So, the air will modify as it heads south. But, we could still see a good drop in temperatures from what is normal. By next week, our average highs should be in the low to mid 50s and lows around freezing. Highs next week could be in the upper 30s and lower 40s. Yes, it’s still far out, but it is already on our radar here.



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