Cleared for Departure on 18R…

Flying out of Oklahoma City may not be that big of a deal tomorrow with southerly winds expected all day,planes will likely be using runways 18R(right) and 18L(left) all day long. (This means you’ll be taking off to the south). And again, while weather locally shouldn’t pose much of an issue for flying, the weather at other airports may. And in some cases, could lead to some delays and perhaps… I hate to say..a few cancellations.

Let’s talk good news first: Flying south should be no problem at all with Texas Hubs not reporting any weather delays. But, flying west towards Denver and Salt Lake City may be a challenge. Strong winds and a departing snowstorm will mean that flights will be delayed. And so keep in mind that even though the weather will be dry here in Oklahoma, flights operating in other states will set up a chain reaction on delays across the nation. And, if you don’t like bumps, well, this next graph will probably put a frown on your face….

The seat-belt sign will be lit for most of your flight, especially headed west bound as a massive snow storm will create atleast moderate turbulence across a good portion of the left coast between the altitude of 10,000 and 45,000 feet.



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