You Like Wind?

Welcome to Idaho the sign reads: After looking at tons of webcam pics of a winter storm moving through the state, this was one of the “nicest” pics I could find. And by nice, I mean, one that you could make out where the road is. Many others looked like this:

There is a road somewhere in this shot. Really…there is…

I feel like this has been a repeat story on the weather blog here lately. A massive winter storm drops a huge dump on The Rockies. But, it appears to be happening again this week. And this one is bringing the wind with it. A BLIZZARD WARNING has been issued for just about all of Western Colorado, most of Utah, and a good portion of Idaho. Plus, WINTER STORM WARNINGS and AVALANCHE WARNINGS are also in effect. Yes, this storm is packing some crazy winds with it. Up to a foot of snow, and 70 mph winds will leave some huge snow drifts. Up to 3-5 feet in some places. And while these states have the capability to move snow off the roads, the risk of doing so will be fairly great.

On the Idaho/Wyoming State Line… here is what it looks like:

Looks like an area that has received a lot of snow and roads that have not been touched by a snowplow in a while. I expect that Colorado will have similar conditions tonight/tomorrow. And then here comes the cold…. brrrr…



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  1. The pics are beautiful! Send it here!

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