You Want A White Christmas?

I guess I shouldn’t throw any jokes in here about a White Christmas since last year, well, we all know what happened. But, the weather models are starting to get in the range of Christmas Eve and Christmas and what it “may” look like. Right now, the GFS Model takes us as far as December 22nd. But, this is what it (the model) is saying:

So, what can we take from this map? Well, for one, we’ll see another round of snow moving across The Northeast. But, for Oklahoma, as of December 22nd, we’ll be saying good-bye to a cold front (it may be chilly on this day), but after that, we need to focus our attention on the high pressure to the southwest. The high, which for a few days is shown moving east across The Pacific Ocean will likely start to weaken some, but still be present across The Western tier of The United States. So, what does this mean for us? Well, for now it will likely keep us dry, but if the high breaks down or shifts back towards the west, then we will have to watch how the storm path begins to change. So, for now, nothing seems to be screaming that we’ll be getting a White Christmas… but, that could change..or not…



2 Responses

  1. Yes, I want a White Christmas. Another blizzard, please.

  2. I certainly hope you are wrong. I remember last year, I Loved it!!!

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