Frozen Oranges!

Get ready for an increase in that morning glass of OJ as Florida deals with one of it’s earliest cold snaps ever on record. As is, a HARD FREEZE WARNING is in effect for most of Northern Florida where temperatures are expected to shatter record lows by as much as 3 degrees in some locations.

The air was cold this morning with many location recording temperatures in the lower 30s and upper 20s. That’s cold, but the fruit can still be saved when readings reach the upper 20s. However, the risk begins to increase by quite a bit once you start to dip those readings below 28 degrees. And, that just may be the problem tonight as even colder air is expected to roll in. Check out the graph below.

Low to mid 20s will certainly have a huge impact on the orange crop. And this cold air will stick around for at least one more night after this. So, if you’re a fan of oranges, then hurry up and stock up today, because orange prices on the stock market today just rose 4.2% thanks to an early taste of winter.



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