Where’s The Snow?

If you have been staring at the radar at all today, then you may be asking yourself a few things: A) Where is the rain? It says it’s raining over my home, but so far, I see nothing. and B) Where’s the snow we were talking about? Or, you may be seeing this image for the first time today and none of those questions ever surfaced. Anyways, the first question, where’s the rain? Believe it or not, we’ve had some light rain falling over us for most of the day, but the problem lies in what’s going on closer to the surface. And that’s the amount of dry air! The following graphic is a snapshot of what was going on this afternoon in NW Oklahoma.

The moisture in the atmosphere was lacking and in order to moisten the atmosphere from the clouds to the surface, we would need to see a prolonged amount of rain/snow falling. As this happens, the evaporation begins to cool the air, bringing it closer to freezing, and at the same time, increasing the humidity along the way. So, the snow is there, but it’s going to take a while before it reaches the surface. Don’t hold your breath though, again, it’s going to take a while…



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