Dreaming of a White Christmas?

An update to a blog I did below. The weather models are already inching closer to Christmas, and as luck would have it, the GFS model is showing that we could see something interesting move in this direction around the 22nd/23rd. The first thing I wanna say is that this by no means should be something that we start planning for. Not yet, it’s too far out and the models could change a lot between now and then. But, it is interesting to say the least. So, what is the GFS saying?

The GFS model shows the storm path moving south into The Southern Plains with cold air coming in with it, there is a chance that we could see snow in Kansas and as of right now, Oklahoma could be a battleground for seeing a cold rain, some snow, or a mixture of both. So, how common is a White Christmas in Oklahoma? Well, since the official definition is that it doesn’t have to snow on Christmas, just have snow on the ground on Christmas day, then our odds are not great at all. Check out the graphic below…

And so, what are the odds of having a White Christmas 2 years in a row? It’s even lower.. less than 1 half of 1 percent. Time will only tell…



3 Responses

  1. Keep these updates coming please!!

  2. Please keep these updates coming Damon!!!

  3. Damon, I beg of you to give me another White Christmas!!! You should see the cheers at work when it snowed a whole bunch yesterday! It gave us hope for a White Christmas!!! :-O

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