White Christmas Update

Long before I ever became a meteorologist, I was a weather fanatic.  Of course I was just a kid in Nebraska, but the weather was very fascinating to me.  It was my passion, especially around Christmas.  I don’t know what it was about having snow on Christmas, but I wanted it.  It seemed like it always snowed on Christmas in the movies, or on tv, but it never seemed to snow in Omaha around Christmas.

Being the weather weenie that I was (and I use that as a term of endearment to all of you weather weenies 🙂 ), I would closely watch the tv news for reports of some Christmas snow.  It never happened when I was a kid.  As I grew up, there were times where some snow would fall a few days before or after Christmas, but never on Christmas or Christmas eve.  Then came last year, and we all know what happened.  The biggest blizzard to hit central Oklahoma….ever!  Or at least since records have been kept. 

Everyone remembers how they drove (or didn’t drive) through the storm….they remember how Christmas plans were either put on hold or cancelled altogether.  Many folks would be happy without another white Christmas in their lifetime. 

I certainly don’t want one this year.  In fact last year’s storm messed up family get together plans so much that this year I’m dreaming of a brown, quiet, uneventful, no bad weather Christmas.  A Christmas where travelers don’t have to worry about road conditions.  I don’t know. …maybe I’m just getting older, or maybe it’s because when there’s bad weather I don’t get to see my family.  All I know is that a dry Christmas looks pretty good to me right now.

The latest long-range computer model, the GFS, shows a pretty benign pattern affecting the southern Plains for the second half of December.  Sure there’ll be a few cold fronts, but I don’t see any big storms looming for Christmas.  However it is only December 12, and things can change.  Stay tuned to Eyewitness News 5 for the latest developments.  You can bet that yours truly, a real weather weenie, will be watching the situation closely.



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