It’s Christmas Week!!

Last year at this time the computer models were showing all kinds of interesting things in Oklahoma’s future.  What transpired was a legendary Christmas Eve blizzard that will be remembered for decades to come.  The models are singing a different tune this year, and while there will likely be another Christmas Eve snowstorm….IT WON’T BE HERE!  Thank goodness!

We’ll start the work week off in fine fashion with Monday high temperatures in the 60s and 70s across Oklahoma.  To go along with the well-above normal temperatures will be a gusty south wind that will send the fire danger into the extreme category, especially across southwest Oklahoma.  A cold front will then slip through the state Monday night.  Cooler air will filter in behind the front so Tuesday and Wednesday will be cooler, but temperatures will still be a few degrees above average with highs in the 50s and 60s.

Along with the cold front Monday night will be a lunar eclipse.  Beginning at around 12:30 Tuesday morning, and lasting until around 4:00 am, the eclipse will be visible throughout North America.  While I expect there will be some clouds around, they will most likely be high, thin clouds that will still allow viewing of the eclipse.  Here is a graphic with all the needed information from our friends at the National Weather Service in Norman:

Now, back to the weather.  The computer models are showing a storm system that will develop over the central Plains and track quickly east on Thursday.  Ahead of this system in Oklahoma, Thursday will be mild with a chance of showers.  A strong cold front will then sweep across the state Thursday night with strong northerly winds and temperatures falling below average.  The storm will likely produce a heavy band of snow from the central Plains on Thursday, through the Midwest on Friday, and into the Northeast for Christmas.  There will be enough wind and snow to cause some travel problems from Nebraska to New England during that time period:

While the travel problems should stay north and east of Oklahoma, we’ll still end up cold for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  High temperatures will only be in the 30s and 40s, with low temperatures in the teens and 20s.



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