Christmas Eve Snow? Yep, It’s Possible

California has been pounded with a series of storms that have put down as much as two feet of rain…yes rain, and over 100 inches of snow!  In fact, the top of Mammoth Mountain has reported over 160 inches of snow just since Friday.  The snow has extended as far east as the Colorado Rockies, where the western slope has seen upwards of four feet of snow, and it’s still snowing.

The reason I point all of that out to you is that one of those storm systems will move from the mountains into the southern Plains.  Thankfully the air ahead of this storm is not all that cold, so Oklahoma will see mainly rain.  However, enough cold air could get involved to produce some snow, or a mix of rain and snow on the back side of the storm on Christmas Eve.  As to not induce a mass panic let me point out that even if there is some snow in the state, it’s doubtful that it would be enough to cause many travel problems.  It certainly won’t be a repeat of last Christmas Eve.

You can see by Thursday evening the storm system will begin moving into the southern Plains with rain and drizzle developing from Texas into Oklahoma.  Some snow will also be developing well to our north in Nebraska.  The storm will move southeast, so by Friday morning, much of Oklahoma will be dealing with rain.

By 9 am Friday, in addition to the rain, there will likely be an area of rain and snow, or perhaps just snow, located over western and northern Oklahoma.  As the system moves east through the day, the colder air will filter into Oklahoma, allowing a rain/snow mixture to be possible across much of northern Oklahoma.

By 6 pm, the rain and snow will have shifted into eastern Oklahoma.  Be prepared for a gusty, cold north wind picking up through Friday evening producing wind chills in the 20s.  Even though heavy snow is unlikely in Oklahoma, there could easily be enough snow in Missouri and Kansas to produce some travel problems in those areas.

While I don’t expect this storm to produce any major problems for Oklahoma, let me remind you that it is only Tuesday, and things could change.  Make sure you check back to this blog, as well as Eyewitness News 5 for updates.  I’ll be watching things all week for you.



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  1. As Always: Rick & Team says it best. Yikers if we have another 2009 weather day. Thanks for this great post.

    Merry Holidays to all KOCO/LiveWire Friends.


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