Christmas Day Hello!

Merry Christmas from the First Alert Storm Team!  I hope your wishes came true today and Santa brought you all the goodies you were hoping for.  It’s kind of cold and dreary across much of Oklahoma as low clouds have been stubborn.  Here’s an early afternoon visible satellite picture:

As you know, the white represents cloudy cover, while the dark areas is where it is sunny, such as parts of western Oklahoma.  Despite the clouds right now, I do expect a general decrease in the clouds later today into tonight. 

Tomorrow will end up being a sunny but cold day with highs in the 30s and 40s.  The winds will be light so that should make it not feel as cold as today.

We’ll start the new last week of 2010 off with dry weather Monday and Tuesday.  There will also be a gradual moderation in temperatures with highs in the 40s and 50s.

By Wednesday, Gulf moisture will work it’s way north into Oklahoma with increaed clouds central and east, and even a low chance of showers in those areas.  Temperatures should climb into the 50s across most of the state.

As Damon mentioned in his previous post, a storm system will beging to develop to our west by Thursday.  That will warm us up quite a bit with highs in the 60s and perhaps a few 70s.  Southerly winds will bring an increased fire danger to the state.  The storm system will then move into the plains on Friday with a chance of rain. 

The models are not in agreement on the details for this storm.  The European model bring a strong cold front through on Friday with just a bit of rain followed by falling temps.  The GFS is slower and wetter.  It also tries to bring in the cold air in time to create some wintry precip in the state on Friday.

About the only thing the models agree on is that there will be some sort of storm system in the southern Plains by the New Year’s Eve.  We’ll watch it closely for you.

By the way, if you’re a real weather geek like me, keep an eye on the northeast United States tomorrow night.  The models are showing a “bomb” developing just off the coast.

Places like New York City and Boston could get a blizzard.  Should be fun to watch from a distance.

Again, Merry Christmas and our best wishes for you and your family!



2 Responses

  1. You forgot to mention the snow today. We have a partially White Christmas. So, basically a trace of snow? There are very light and tiny snowflakes falling.

  2. Talk about devoted! Thx for Xmas Blog. Far cry from ’09 Live Wire & L.B. News.

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