It’s Getting Awfully Dry Out There

Gary McManus, a climatologist with the Oklahoma Climate Survey, puts out a wonderfully informative blog called the Mesonet Ticker.  In today’s edition he talks about the developing drought across Oklahoma, and how the last 30 days have been the ninth driest in the state since 1921.

The bad part about this lack of moisture is that we are headed into the two driest months of the year in January and February.  Thankfully our water consumption is also at its lowest during the winter.  But heading into spring, one would want adequate soil moisture to be in place.  With a very dry autumn behind us, and a dry start to winter, the concern is that we will move into spring with less than adequate soil moisture.

Here is the 30 day outlook and the 90 day outlook for temperature and precipitation for the United States:

The top left map is for temperature in January, while the top right map is for precipitation in January.  For Oklahoma, temperatures are forecast to be normal to above normal, with below normal precipitation.  The bottom two maps are for the 90 day period of January through March.  Above normal temperatures are expected, with normal to below normal precipitation.  In other words, a continuation of the pattern that developed in mid-summer.

In the short-term, we do have a chance of some rain tonight, and then again Friday.  Unfortunately amounts will be light, except for southeast Oklahoma where over an inch is possible tonight into tomorrow:

By the way, I’m off this week just hanging around the house not doing much.  I did manage to set up a Twitter account.  I don’t know much about tweeting, but I do feel it is a valuable way to disseminate information.  So if you would like to receive my tweets, I guess you need to follow me.  My Twitter name is kocoweather.  Right now I have six people following me.  I’d like to boost that to at least 10 :).  Spread the word oh faithful weather warriors.



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  1. 10? You’re gonna get a 100 by the time the year is done. 🙂

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