Cold Start to 2011

New Year’s Day morning was quite frigid in Oklahoma. Will Rogers got down to 15, with some single digit lows in the Northern part of the state. The second morning of the year was even colder for most of the state, including the metro.

As you can see, lows this morning were very area dependent. It’s not like the Southern part of the state (Lawton – 8°) was warmer than the Northern part (Woodward – 17°) by default. Guymon was the cold spot on the map at 6°.

Let’s talk about how dry we have been. We’ve told you that we are in a moderate drought here in the metro and most of the central part of the state. We have yet to see measurable snow at Will Rogers this season (a trace was reported Dec. 31st). Go back to last winter…the blizzard and what have you. As of January 2, 2010, we had already seen 14″ of snow, with four days of at least a trace of snow. I’ll grant you 13.5″ of that was the blizzard.

Enjoy what looks to be a tranquil work week of weather ahead, but bundle up for those frosty mornings!



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