2010 Oklahoma City Weather Stats

How do you sum up our weather in 1 graphic? Just look above! Yes, we had many weather stories happen during the year 2010 from snow and ice in January, to extreme cold, lots of tornadoes, and heavy rain just to name a few. But, the most amazing number on this map may just be the temperature one. Yes, 1 degree above normal may not sound like a whole lot. But, when you break down every single month, then you see just how extreme our temperatures really were. We started out the year brutally cold, with the first 3 months seeing below normal temperatures. And then a stretch of warmer weather started to roll in, and it hasn’t left yet. 9 straight months of above normal temperatures with June being the warmest from normal and February being the coldest from normal. And the rain/snow… we had a lot during the first half of the year, but since then..we have been going through a dry spell. But hey, if The Oklahoma Sooners were able to get out of the their bowl loss dry spell, then we took can get out of our weather dry spell..the question is…when? Here’s to 2011!



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  1. Damon, look forward to late next week. 🙂

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