Spring Wildflowers!

I know it’s only January, and that a trip to the nursery is probably not in our budget until April or so. But I can’t help but get excited as we head towards the spring season and the brown grass starts to turn green and the fields of wildflowers begin to go bonkers. Last years spring in Oklahoma and Texas were said to have some of the best wildflower color that many have seen in decades. And the main reason… the wet fall and the wet and cold winter. Yes, we all have heard that April showers bring May Flowers and (what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims!), but believe it or not, you need more than just April rain to get the flowers out of the ground. You need a wet fall to get the flower seeds to start germinating. A cold and wet winter to allow the seedlings to lay down a good root base and then a mild spring with occasional rain. Sadly, this past fall was anything but wet.It was actually one of the driest periods on record and it may have a huge role in how everything looks this spring from the green grass to the fields of flowers.

So, here’s hoping that you took good pictures of last years wildflowers. While this year will still show some color, the flowers will likely look nothing in comparison to what we had last year.


PS- The above picture was taken in April just north of Abilene,Texas. I never leave  home without a camera on me. Hey, you just never know what you may see.


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