How Long Will Cold Last?

If you have been keeping up to date on the blogs, then you’re aware of the expected cold rolling in here next week. And while we have focused a lot on the cold and when we can expect it to move in, we haven’t yet nailed out the details on when it will end. We receive new model information every 6 hours so the forecast is usually ever changing. And with this mornings latest information, it appears that the models may be pushing the cold air outta here a little sooner than we thought. So, the latest now still has the cold air moving in, but we could see a “slightly” warmer airmass move in around late Thursday and into Friday. And by “warmer”, I mean highs getting around 40 degrees, which for this time frame, is just shy of normal. Still, we’re a weeks out of this happening and I expect that we could still see the models shift in either direction. So, stay tuned… because this cold air is pulling away from the gate and is now taxing down to the runway…



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