Melting The Snow ….

It’s a popular game that most meteorologists play when it comes to heavy snowstorms. The game is ” figure the snow-to-liquid” ratio. In places like Utah, with the dry desert air and somewhat “salty” composition of the atmosphere, you can easily see storms have a snow-to-liquid ratio of 40:1. That means 40 inches of snow to 1 inch of rain. That is why it’s called “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. You can’t make snowballs out of it cause there is hardly any liquid to compact the snow. So, what kind of ratios do we have here? During the Christmas Eve Blizzard, Oklahoma City received about 14 inches of snow. But, if you melted it all down, it was only about .80 inches of water. That’s right, 8 tenths! So, what is a normal “snow-to-liquid” ratio for Oklahoma? Check out the graphic below:

Most of Oklahoma, during any winter storm will average a snow to liquid ratio of 12:1. That means that a foot of snow will melt down to about an inch of rain. Many different factors go into determining what a snow-to-liquid ratio is. But, if we go off of climatology in forecasting this storm, then we could see some snowfall totals that dwarf The Christmas Eve Blizzard. This is what the models are thinking with amount of liquid:

Only time will tell…


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  1. Hi Damon, I’m a meteorologist as well and have never seen the map you posted. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but there’s often streaming video of weather events on Hopefully there will be some video from the winter storm!

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