Morning NAM Model Update

This is just one particular model that we have been watching closely this morning. It’s known as the “NAM” model and has been the model throughout the winter storm that has projected the heaviest snow for Oklahoma. This morning, it pushed the band of 20 inches of snow west towards Oklahoma City. This is not an official forecast, but just goes to show how important human forecasting is when it comes to weather forecasting and that a computer model can’t do it all.



4 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I live in terrytown, La. 70056 five min from new orleans, i live across the greater new orleans bridge on the westbank. My son Willie lives in Moore Ok and i don’t understand your graphic. How much snow are you actually getting in moore and how long will this storm last?
    thank you

    • Cynthia: Moore could see about 8-14 inches.

      • Danon: How long will this last do you have an estimate timeline? Thanks Cynthia

  2. damon how long is the storm going to last, thanks again, cynthia milligan

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