The 100 Million People Storm

It’s a storm that will go down in the record books in Oklahoma City for producing the most snow ever for a single February storm. But, it wasn’t just Oklahoma that the storm impacted. It actually impacted an area bigger than The Louisiana Purchase…

The Southern Plains was the breeding ground for the moisture associated with this storm as it started dumping snow from Abilene,TX to Southern Oklahoma, then Oklahoma City and eventually, just about anything north and northeast of here. In the southeast, it was tornadoes and hail that they were dealing with. One tornado was reported in Texas and a few hail reports in Louisiana. But, all in all, this storm will go down as being a mammoth of a storm that impacted about 100 million people (The last US Census had about 309 million people living in America). So, roughly 1/3 of the population was impacted with either snow, or rain. And then there is the cold and I mean..some serious cold! Holy cow, check this out!

This map here shows areas that will wake up with lows below 20 degrees Wednesday morning. And to be honest, I just used 20 degrees as a random number since the 20s usually don’t impact South Texas that much. If I wanted to tweak this map and show areas that would be below 0 degrees and even below -15 degrees, well, then here you go:

Let’s hope this is our last major winter storm, though sadly, part of me doesn’t think it is. I will just ignore whatever The Groundhog says today…



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