Models Duke it Out!

An update to a blog that I did yesterday, showing a comparison to what the GFS MODEL was thinking and what the NAM MODEL was thinking. And once again, we have some discrepancies to them, but not enough to say that this storm is going to not live up to its potential. Both models still squeeze out a large amount of, let’s see what each one says: First, the GFS MODEL…

I apologize for the grainy look, but I had to take the image off of my cell phone. The GFS MODEL shows a swath of 15 inches of snow from Clinton to Oklahoma City. (That’s the pink shading) and to the north and south of I-40, 8-10 inches. So, needless to say, the GFS MODEL shows a lot of snow for just about the whole state. Then we have the NAM MODEL.

The NAM MODEL shows 8-12 inches of snow, with isolated higher amounts north of The Metro, with Tulsa getting slammed. And about 4 inches south towards The Red River.

So, which model do we prefer? Back here in the weather center, we have favored the GFS MODEL over the NAM MODEL for a few days now, and feel that our predictions will likely lean towards the higher end of the snowfall totals…



2 Responses

  1. Boy oh boy. Looks like either way, Stillwater is getting slammed!

  2. Can you update us on the total snow and ice accumulation anticipated for Dallas? My daughter lives there and y’all always predict better than the weather teams down there 🙂

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