Weather History Made In Oklahoma…Updated

This has been an historic morning in Oklahoma.  Bartlesville’s temperature dropped to -28 degrees, setting a new, all-time record low for the state of Oklahoma.  But shortly after that, Nowata fell to -31, re-setting the all-time record low.  To put this in perspective, it was colder in Nowata than it was in many places in North Dakota.  In fact, it was colder than even the South Pole which hit a low of -23!

Here’s a list of the coldest spots in Oklahoma this morning:

Nowata                  -31 degrees
Pryor                   -28 degrees
Blackwell               -27 degrees
Medford                 -26 degrees
Marshall                -25 degrees
Vinita                  -24 degrees
Cherokee                -24 degrees
Lake Carl Blackwell     -23 degrees
Inola                   -23 degrees
Breckinridge            -23 degrees
Red Rock                -23 degrees

Many records were smashed in Oklahoma as temperatures dropped below zero in all but a few parts of south-central and the southeast.  In Oklahoma City, the temperature dropped from 5 degrees above zero at 6 am, to 5 degrees below zero at 7 am.  That’s a drop of 10 degrees in one hour!  The -5 set a new daily record for Will Rogers World Airport, and it was the first time since February of 1996 that temperatures officially fell below zero in Oklahoma City.  In Tulsa, the temperature dropped to -12, making it the coldest morning there since January 22, 1930.  These are the low temperatures this morning according to the Oklahoma Mesonet:

No doubt the fresh snow cover, clear skies and light winds made weather conditions ideal for a record-setting cold morning.  For those sick of this Canada-like weather, the jet stream pattern will be undergoing a major change over the next several days.  This will mean an end to the bitterly cold and snowy pattern of the last 10 days, and temperatures will likely climb into the 50s by this weekend, with 60s and even 70s likely next week.

I know most of you just want it to warm up, but at least you can tell your grandkids about the time when temperature in Oklahoma dropped all the way down to -31.  The coldest ever in the state!



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  1. Psh, Alaska and the south poll aint got nothin on us.

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