Grading Oklahoma City…

It’s been a wacky year here in Oklahoma, and interestingly enough, we’re only about 6 weeks into it. So, with the snow that has come and gone, how should we grade the season so far? Should we grade it on the impacts it left? Or, should we keep it purely meteorological and grade it from just a weather standpoint? For starters..let’s just grade our winter weather from a meteorological viewpoint. (That’s what I am good at :))Here are the stats we’re going off of:

Oklahoma City usually  averages about 8 inches of snow from November to March. 8 inches which is normal vs. almost 19 inches of actual. Overacheiver! That stat alone would be given a grade of an “A’ it an “A+”? As for the month of February, it’s already the snowiest February on record and the 2nd snowiest month ever. Grade: “A”. As for what is left this season. If we went solely off of climatology, then with January, which is our snowiest month on average already behind us, we are now left with about 6 weeks in our “snow” season. Which means that had this been a “normal” year, then we could expect to see about another 2 inches of snow. This means that we still have about 21% of of snow left to fall.. grade: “A”!



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