That’s All?

In less than 2 weeks, Oklahomans were able to experience 2 major snowstorms. And while many of us looked out our windows and saw snowdrifts that were taller than many Volkswagon Bugs, the truth is, that snow you were looking at, had very little moisture in it. Because snow is fluffy and not as dense, it can “accumulate” on the ground to numbers that many of us may think are unheard of. But, had these past 2 storms been rain producers, how much rain would it have actually produced. If you said a couple of inches… I would say.. ” in your dreams”. Here is what it did:

In Oklahoma City, where the total snowfall for the month stands at 18.9 inches, the liquid equivilent is a whopping… .78 inches! That’s right, not even an inch of rain. So, no surprise here that our drought monitor didn’t change much:

The entire state has a drought of somesort going on. With a severe drought being reported across the Oklahoma City Metro. So, how much rain do we need to get out of this drought? If I were a betting man, I would say at least 10 inches of rain by April would help out a lot! Keep your fingers crossed!



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