You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet

You think it’s been nice these past 2 days, wait until you see what’s rolling in here by midweek. As the jetstream returns well north, we start to pull in warm air out of Mexico, and as we have been talking about for a few days now, Wednesday and Thursday look to be the “peak” of this warmth spell.

And while it’s not unheard of to get a quick warmup over The Southenrn Plains. Just how unusual is this warm up going to be for Oklahoma? Will it be record setting? The record highs for Wednesday and Thursday are the following:

A record high of 81 degrees may not sound like much in April, but in February, it is. However, right now, Wednesday won’t even be close to seeing a record high set. As for Thursday, we may get within a few degrees or so. Right now the models are pushing out 75 degrees for a high. But, many things will need to be factored in to reaching the mid 70s. How dry is the air? How much sunshine can be get that day? And, how long will the strong winds remain? Will the strength in winds keep pulling in slightly cooler air in the lower levels of the atmosphere down to the surface? Many possible answers to still look at, and until we get to Thursday, we won’t fully know. And you thought forecasting tornadoes was challenging..



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