Did You See It?

. This past Sunday, late at night, the sun “burped” out a solar flare that has many astronomers talking . Why are they talking? Because it is said to be one of the largest in recent history that could impact some of the satellite and radio communications over the next few days. While the main piece of energy will likely be absorbed into The Atlantic Ocean and The East Coast, we could still see waves reach as far south as The Central Plains. Expect a few more solar flares to move out of the sun over the next couple days, though with not as much enery as we witnessed earlier this week.

From a weather standpoint, it is said that this could increase snowmelt across The Andes briefly, but not much will be felt globally other than disruptions in electronics.



2 Responses

  1. I heard that this may cause some Aurora Borealis (northern lights) to be visible in the US. Any idea where this might be possible? Or a link for more information?

  2. I did not notice anything wrong around here. I guess Earth was spared from destruction?

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