Holy !*$@!

I grabbed this photo from a good friend of mine who is a meteorologist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You think our roads look bad after a snowstorm here in Oklahoma? Imagine what they have to deal with in Colorado after you go from decades of thawing/refreezing/thawing/refreezing. You get the picture. Apparently my friend, Brad, was driving through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon west of Pueblo when he started to notice lots of rocks in the road, minutes later… the picture above is what he came across.

So, how did this happen? Much like the way we get potholes in the road here. As we thaw and then refreeze water, it expands and loosens. No telling how long the freezing and thawing process happened here, but my guess is that it had to happen for many centuries to bring down boulders that easily exceed 20 feet.


PS- The road is now closed… for … a while…


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