Did We Trick the Daffodils?

Did we just trick the daffodils into thinking that it’s spring? The daffodil, which has long been known as the first bulb to bloom in early spring is starting to wake up thanks to last weeks warmth. For many of us here in Oklahoma, you may have noticed that the daffodil stocks have started to come out of the ground and are on their way to a very early bloom. So, should we be surprised? I am…to an extent. January temperatures were actually in the ballpark of being deemed “normal”. But, February, after the record cold where temperatures averaged 18 degrees below normal for over 10 days has been a weird month with all the cold bundled up at the beginning of the month and then a fast surge of warm air last week. I think my amazement comes from how rapid the daffodils started to grow after the bitter cold just 2 weeks ago.

Needless to say, it’s been a bizarre month which has lead to the daffodils being confused as well. The quick warm up has likely made the daffodils think that winter is now over. But, winter doesn’t officially end for another month which means that if we see a strong blast of cold air move in here for a few days, we may end up damaging the flower. Fortunately, the ground warmed up nicely last week and will stay warm enough tonight to prevent there from being a major wipe out of the flower. Let’s just hope if we do see any more strong cold fronts in the next 2-3 weeks that they are fast moving and don’t stay too long.Or else our gardens may look a little less vibrant.



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