Late Week Severe Weather?

So far the tornado capital of the year belongs to…. FLORIDA! But, it may not be for very much longer as the models continue to show a storm system diving into the desert southwest, and then quickly moving astbound into the Southern Plains and eventually Dixie Alley. Thus right here could be our first severe weather outbreak of the new year.

So, what are we looking at for Oklahoma? Depends on which model you look at, but for the time being, Oklahoma looks to be on the lower end severe side of things compared to what they could be seeing in Arkansas and Tennessee. The models develop rain/storms fairly early in the day here (we’re talking showers and storms developing around 2­­-6am with storms/hailers getting stronger by noon and then out of here by mid afternoon with a few lingering showers on the backend). There is a chance that a few storms could go up Wednesday night in Western Oklahoma, but the threat for severe weather west of here looks small for now.

What am I expecting with this system? The norm, tornadoes, wind and hail to the east. But here in Oklahoma.. it’ll be interesting if the models are indeed true this far out, what the storms could do here given the early initiating. For now, most likely, less of a chance to see tornadoes. Still, this far out, the models can change… here we go..



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