Look West After Thursday…

We’ve spent a good amount of time here talking about what may happen on Thursday, but very little time on what may happen after Thursday. I copied this image from the National Weather Service which shows all the active US Watches/Warnings, etc. Not much going on, except in The Pacific Northwest where the flow will start to take low pressure systems from the Northwest and drop them down across The Southwest and off the California Coast.(i.e. The Winter Storm Warnings shaded in pink)

The GFS Model actually brought the rain/snow line pretty far south, ( Las Vegas and Southern California). I would be kinda surprised if the snow hits San Diego given the marine layer, but inland, could be a different story. And don’t be surprised if The Arizona Mountains are measuring snow in the feet. Even Phoenix could get some heavy rain. But, this is where the moisture begins to get sucked out of the system. And as it tracks across New Mexico and Western Oklahoma, we begin to notice that the moisture is hardly there to even give us a drop of rain. But, with the Gulf of Mexico starting to send moisture back up this way, we could see some rain in Eastern Oklahoma.

This could be our next shot of severe weather for The United States after Thursday. We’ll add it to our mile long list of things we’re watching.





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