Sunday Fires from Space

Put this in as the image of the day. The hi-res polar orbiting satellite just finished its afternoon pass and clearly shows the scars from yesterdays fires in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. I tried to highlight the fires using photoshop and also give you some identifiers along the way. You can find the original image here:

These fires were intense, long track and covered over 140,000 acres. The fire in the NE Texas Panhandle was actually longer than Oklahoma City is wide. And, if you check out Lea County in New Mexico (its in the southeastern corner of the state), you can see a fire that is about twice as wide as Oklahoma City.  In total, 13 large fires were reported, 70 homes destroyed, 2 cars, a fire truck and unfortunately, one human life was lost and a number of dogs and cats when an animal shelter was caught in the path of a fire.

Wind gusts were reported over 60 mph across most of the region with the Texas Tech Mesonet Site in Amhearst (LAMB COUNTY) peaking at 68 mph.



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