Was There or Wasn’t There a Tornado in Oklahoma?

A sign that spring is just about here. Yesterday certainly was busy across Oklahoma with numerous fires being reported and even seeing our first TORNADO WATCH for Northern Oklahoma go up (2nd for the state this year). And while we did have a TORNADO WATCH in effect, were there any confirmed reports of tornadoes in Oklahoma? Here is a layout of reports from yesterday’s severe weather event.

By looking at this list, it appears that Oklahoma was pretty close to having our first tornado of the year being reported in Osage County. But, it takes a careful eye when looking at this map. And once I zoomed in far enough, this is what I saw:

According to The Storm Prediction Center, the tornado wasn’t official until it crossed into Kansas. Just barely. So, from SPC reports, NO, there wasn’t a confirmed tornado in the state yesterday. Thus, this is how the rankings look for tornadoes this year.

It actually doesn’t surprise me a whole lot to see states in the southeast having more tornado reports than others this early. The Gulf of Mexico provides better moisture right now in the southeast than in The Southern Plains. So, after 2 full months into the new year, this is where we stand.




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