Storm Chasing in March

Welcome to March, or as we like to look at it here in the weather center, “the official start to our tornado season”. So, where are we most likely to find tornadoes during this time of the year. Here ya go:

The Gulf of Mexico is still having a difficult time supplying most of The Central Plains with moisture this time of year. And while on occasion when we can get a good amount of moisture in this direction, statistically, it’s not in our favor to see significant tornado outbreaks west of Oklahoma City. So, we may have a MODERATE CHANCE of seeing tornadoes, but the risk is at its highest in southeastern Oklahoma and points east and southeast from Texas, to Arkansas and Tennessee,Alabama and Mississippi, otherwise known as ‘DIXIE ALLEY”.

Here are this years tornado reports listed, and notice where most of them are:

Most of this years tornado reports are located right where we expect to find them, and that’s in the “HIGH RISK” area.



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