Signs of Spring…

Are those weeds above? Nope, they are fields of red corn poppies getting ready to bloom! This picture was actually taken in The Hill Country of Texas, but it’s a sign that spring is knocking on our door. Texas and Oklahoma can have some impressive wildflowers during the spring. Oklahoma usually lags behind by a few weeks to Texas when it comes to the start of wildflower season.  Last year was obviously one of the best seasons we had seen in a very long time thanks to all the snow during the winter. But, thanks to La Nina, this past winter was a little dry. I still expect the next 2 months to show a decent display of flowers across Oklahoma since we had so many flowers last year producing a large number of seeds. That is, if we can get the rain to wake ’em up. Otherwise, they will sit dormant until the next big fall rains come. Either or, your days of having to look at brown and black grass is about to end soon….


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