Super Moon

The moon will be full on Saturday, March 19th.  Not a big deal since that happens usually once a month.  But this full moon will be different.  It will be closer to earth.  In fact, it will be at its closest point in 18 years, earning this full moon the name Super Moon (although that could mean something all together different if you happen to be a high school football player on a school bus in 1981 driving home after a particularly bad game in front of obnoxious fans of the opposing team……but I digress).

This Super Moon is nothing to fear.  It won’t bring with it increased gravitational powers that would lead to disaster, although tides will be higher (and lower) than normal, but that happens with full moons.

The fact of the matter is the moon’s orbit around the earth is not a circle, it’s an ellipse.  Because of this, the moon has a point where it is closest to earth called the perigee, and a point where it is farthest from the earth called the apogee:

Bottom line is that the Super Moon will come and go without any problems.  Since it’s on a Saturday night, I doubt if most of us will even pay any attention to it.  Me?  I’ll be watching basketball and thankful that there’s no severe weather. 


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  1. Sounds like you might be talking from experience there Rick!

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