Last Friday vs. Today

The winds have been whipping up out there this morning. And while the winds are high and the fire potential does exist, there are a few things going on today that may save us from seeing a repeat of last Friday. Last Friday had all the ingredients (or lack of) to see the perfect fire storm. Dew points were in the 20s, the air temperature was in the upper 70s, you had a drought going on, winds around 50 mph and a lot of people likely forgetting just how easy a fire can get going.

Today, we have turned the page and while the fire threat is high, there are some good things going for us. First, the moisture content is up there as dew points are in the upper 50s. That helps out a lot, but I think the most important factor in keeping the threat for fires down today just may come from you at home. With images of last Friday still fresh in our minds, it’s likely that our mentality is well aware of how easy a fire can get going, and that we’re likely to take all the necessary precautions to prevent a fire from starting. At least… I hope so.

So, use some smarts today. Don’t throw those cigarettes out the window and remember.. a BURN BAN MEANS NO OUTSIDE BURNING. (Yes, I have heard the police scanners going off because people are neglecting the burn ban rule)



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