One Model Solution For Tomorrow: Storms

We have a computer model that is provided to us by the computer graphics company that we use here at KOCO.  This computer model is known on air as Predictor.  Well, Predictor is showing a line of thunderstorms developing between 3 and 4 tomorrow afternoon in central Oklahoma:

You can see the line extending through eastern Kansas into parts of northern and central Oklahoma.  According to this, the storms would be quite strong in Kansas, with slightly less intense storms in Oklahoma.  However, I believe that any storm that can manage to develop tomorrow will become severe with large hail possible.

Remember, this is just one model.  The NAM model, which just updated, shows all of the storm action to be in Kansas.  The bottom line is that we will be ready for storms to develop in central Oklahoma by mid afternoon.  If they don’t….they don’t.  We’ll be ready and waiting either way.

Also, for those of you in western Oklahoma, storms won’t be a problem for you, but an extreme fire danger will.  Keep in mind a red flag fire warning is in effect for all of western Oklahoma from noon through 9 pm tomorrow.  High temps in the 80s, winds over 40 mph and very low humidity will make for dangerous fire conditions.  Do not do any burning tomorrow, even if you are not in a burn ban county.



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